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The Sublime Revolution Manifesto
The People Leading Liberty
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Georgia's Quarantine Practice

 "Working towards a book as exhibition: considering pages as wall space, performances as poses, sculptures as prints. Creating work for a site that exists in two dimensions, a location with boundaries that differ from a physical gallery space.  


Grounded in a body of research, the final outcome of each of my projects is always flexible, and isn’t tied down by a preferred medium, practice or scale. This isn’t to say that the trajectory of my work wasn’t impacted by lockdown, but rather that the heart of each piece of work remains the same, as the outcome adapted through new and unknown circumstances. 


The People Leading Liberty is an ongoing project that has lived through several different forms, its most recent iteration lives in this book. The project aims to explore the relationship between the police and marginalised groups of the public. Lay beside the shield, exhausted, I mourn. Grieving the loss of belief in a system we were raised to believe protected us, a system that is not fit for purpose, and weighs heavy on the soldiers of so many people. 

The live performance lasted over two hours, performed without an audience, on a campus emptied by a pandemic: the only documentation of this is a small series of self recorded videos and photographs. Initially planning for a live collaborative performance in the gallery, working solo, towards a book allowed me to reconnect with my background in photography and film to create a performance that extends beyond the temporality of a physical exhibition. 


60,000+ is a series of photographs of sculptural works that came to existence through the restrictions of lockdown. The subject of the state vs the public being an increasingly prominent theme in my work over the last few years. Interested in the creation of visual metaphors, the disposable mask comes to life with the subtle flowing movement of a revolutionary flag. The image was created as a symbol of oppression and resistance, it is as much of a celebration as a memorial. The Tory government has treated the lives of the working class, BAME, LGBTQ+, the elderly and disabled as disposable, especially during times of national and global struggle. But the subtle flag like movement of the mask is a statement of resistance, and uprising. 


Clay is not a medium I have previously turned my hand to, however without access to the studio or workshops, this was an opportunity to unlearn old patterns, to not fall back on the same methods of production, and to work small and impactful. Lockdown allowed me the opportunity to think beyond my original plans for my degree show work, whether it was working with an unknown medium, or realising the potential of an old favourite."