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Bethan's Quarantine Practice


“I think for almost any artist being refined to a single room with limited lighting and space can be a challenging environment in which to create work. With the lack of ability to create mess when exploring new techniques and using certain materials only adds to the difficulty.


Luckily for myself I’m painter so I found it easier to continue my work without the use of a studio, but due to the smaller space I had to adapt my work to fit within the space. I didn’t want to paint on a smaller scale, so I did this by making multiple canvases and placing them together to create one full image. Though this is challenging, for myself it showed me just how important space and mess is to an artist. But it also showed me just how versatile art is and if you are prepared for change then you really can create art anywhere.


Creating in isolation was another one of the biggest challenges. At the start it was something I found really difficult. Not being able to go out and find inspiration, especially as my artwork is about creating and remembering memories. Though there are many artists whose work is all about being isolated. Over time it was something I realised I could all do from home, with family members being able to send me old photographs that I could use and paint. It was not my initial idea, but then again not many, if any, artist finish a piece of art with it still being their first idea.”