TRACE is a multi-disciplinary showcase of work created and curated by students of the University of Lincoln's MA Fine Art

Made in response to their individual exploratory practices, amid uncertain times brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The original planning and creation of a physical exhibition came to a standstill, university studios were closed and works in progress needed to be abandoned.

 Many needed to rethink their practice and reimagine their working processes; all with the added pressures of limited workspace and materials and the prospect of no Exhibition. 

Reimagined and online; the showcase bears a trace of isolated processes, teetering on the edge of the physical and virtual realm. 

Andrew Bracey is an artist and co-programme leader of MA Fine Art at the University of Lincoln and has written this piece for TRACE. 


TRACE is an exhibition as a book.

TRACE is an exhibition of six artists.

TRACE is something born from a pandemic.

TRACE is something created from precarity, uncertainty, apprehension, sweat and tears, sadly more often than laughter.

TRACE is an immense, cooperative achievement.

TRACE is what makes it all worthwhile

TRACE is also something that makes me lost for words.

TRACE is also something that gives me hope for what is to come, whilst in the present.

TRACE is also something that makes me pop with emotion and pride.

TRACE is also something that is testament to the collective strength of creativity. 

TRACE is also something that makes me thankful for working with such amazing artists.